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  5 Reasons why Carolenna Leggings will be your next favorite leggings:

1- High waistband- Less muffin top!

2- High-quality fabric- In three fashionable colors! 

3- Squat approved technology- Goodbye wardrobe malfunction! 

4- Made in Canada- Proud to be Canadian!

5- Hand Stitched- Never glued seams.


The Story Behind Our Brand Of Leggings

A university student was assigned a project: Design a product, that provides a specific fashion solution to the everyday consumer. 

This student wanted to design high-performance leggings which did not shift or move during physical activity. A pair of leggings that did not show any signs of what was worn underneath, during squats or while bending over during yoga!

The brand was launched, designed and manufactured by hand in Canada. Individual patterns were made in every size. The project was a success and the students loved the product. 

We loved the concept. A legging designed for women after listening to their needs! 

Brilliant. I became a believer and purchased the company.