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Robes & Lounge

Wrap up by VP is a unique line of bathrobes that are designed for every personality. Valerie Perez designed this collection to feel fashionable, comfortable and beautiful while relaxing! All of our products are made from top-quality microfiber to meet high-end expectations.

Quality and feeling are very important to us, this is why our products have this exquisite buttery feeling to the naked skin, and are made to last for many years to come. The fabric is very absorbent, making it perfect for right after a bath or a swim. Incredibly soft and extremely lightweight, makes traveling a more stress free experience.

The Wrap-Up collection is sold today at the most exclusive Hotels, Resorts, Spas and Boutiques around the world.


Coemi is a solid lingerie brand that has represented style and quality since 1994. Founded as a family-run workshop, from beginning works on the basis of creativity. Coemi offers a range of negligees, nightdresses, dressing gown, pajamas, for all sizes in silk, sateen, micro modal.